Training and Lifelong Learning Centre

The Training and Lifelong Learning Centre (TLLC) of the University of Western Macedonia was established under the Ministerial Decision 47258 / Z1 (Government Gazette vol. B’ 1149/2018) and Law 4485/2017 (Government Gazette vol. A’114 /2017). It is an academic unit engaging in coordination and interdisciplinary cooperation of certificate-awarding programmes focusing on training, continuing education, and, generally, live or distance lifelong learning.

The Training and Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Western Macedonia aims at:

  • leveraging UoWM’s scientific human resources and infrastructure to engage in projects to the benefit of the Greek society and relevant to the citizens’ needs for training and specialist education
  • catering for state-of-the-art education, training and specialist courses
  • introducing UoWM in the international education market by undertaking international projects
  • helping UoWM contribute to innovating the educational system, upgrading quality in both formal and non-formal education, and minimising social exclusion in education.

According to its Internal Regulation (Government Gazette vol. B ‘443/2020), all University activities related to continuing education, training and lifelong learning, in general, are bound to be carried out by UoWM’s TLLC under the relevant legislation and the rules laid by the Senate and its Operational Regulation. The Centre can organise and carry out non-formal certificate awarding study programmes, as well as any type of Lifelong Learning-related projects.

TLLC educational or training programmes can be implemented in collaboration with HEIs or domestic research centres, as well as with accredited Higher Education Institutions, by decision of the Rector’s Council.