Universities may organize first-cycle study programmes in a foreign language, which are part of the strategic planning of the institution, aim at promoting knowledge, are governed by scientific coherence and meet conditions that guarantee a high level of studies.

The study programmes in a foreign language are addressed exclusively to foreign nationals of countries inside or outside the European Union, who are:

a) graduates of high schools or other equivalent schools with physical headquarters abroad. Provided the applicants have completed the last two (2) years of high school or equivalent school in a foreign country, they present the high school diploma or another equivalent secondary education qualification that entitles them to be admitted to higher education institutions in the country where they graduate,

b) graduates of a recognized foreign school of other member states of the European Union or third countries that is based and operates legally in Greece and the title of which entitles them to admission to HEIs based in the country whose educational curriculum the forementioned foreign school follows, as long as: i) neither they nor their parents have Greek citizenship and ii) they have attended at least the last two (2) classes of high school with full attendance.

The study programmes in a foreign language are established by a decision of the Senate of the University, following the proposal of the Assembly of the Department that undertakes to organize the study programme.

The University of Western Macedonia has established two undergraduate study programmes in English, “Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Economics and Sustainable Development” in Kastoria and “Creative Writing, Arts and Humanities” in Florina, in which the first students will be admitted in the academic year 2024-2025.

School of Economic Sciences

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Economics and Sustainable Development


School Of Social Sciences And Humanities

Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Creative Writing, Arts, and Humanities