You can travel to, from and within cities with University departments by plane, bus, and train.

By plane

There are 2 airports linking Western Macedonia to Athens:

By bus

Egnatia Motorway links all cities with University departments in Western Macedonia(

  • In Kozani, the modern intercity bus service ( links the city with the largest Greek cities, and most areas of Western Macedonia. There are also minibuses ( to and from the University campus.
  • Bus service in Florina is available to Kozani, Thessaloniki and Athens ( Inner city transport to and from the University is offered in modern buses (bus station, 26 Captain Vangeli and 25th of March).
  • There are daily bus services to and from Kastoria (Thessaloniki – Kastoria: 1.40hrs, Athens – Kastoria: 5.30hrs, Ioannina – Kastoria: 1.30hrs) (
  • Grevena is located 484 km from Athens, 170 km from Thessaloniki, 100 km from Ioannina and 140 km from Larissa. Transport is possible through Egnatia Motorway, which links all parts of northern Greece, either by bus ( or car. Transport to and from the University campus is offered by bus (
  • Daily intercity bus services link Ptolemaida to the largest urban centres in Greece (tel. 2463024417) and various areas in the Municipality of Eordea (

By train

Railway services are available only in Florina. There are regular railway services from and to Thessaloniki (