It is responsible for ensuring that University functions are properly, efficiently and lawfully carried out, in compliance with the priorities and objectives determined by the University Administration bodies, supports the educational functions of the University Schools and oversees  the student welfare services.

Divisions: Student Welfare, Academic Affairs and Study, Student Placements and Career.

It coordinates the University administrative services and monitors their efficient organisation and functions. It aims at planning and designing service functions-activities, to ensure compliance with the overall University service strategic plan.

Divisions: Administrative Affairs, Administration of University Bodies & Committees, Human Resources, Protocol & Dispatch.

It is engaged in managing all UoWM financial affairs.

Divisions: Budgeting, Procurement and Estates Management, Payroll, Management of Public Investment, Audit and Clearance of Expenditure.

It carries out or monitors projects, supervises and manages construction works, and inspects and supervises facilities maintenance. In addition, it engages in planning, designing, installing and managing University IT Systems, monitors records and operates and controls data networks.

Divisions: IT Support, Networks, Facilities Management, Project Planning and Management.

It manages and uses funds for research, education, training, and technological development and innovation as well as other relevant services.

Divisions: Purchases, Procurement and Tenders, Project Monitoring and Management, Administrative and Legal Support, Internal Audit and Quality Assurance, Economic and Financial Management, Project Claim Management and Development.

The Public and International Relations team deliver and support a wide range of services, such as promotion of educational, research and other University activities, organisation of ceremonies, events, celebrations, conferences, and honorary awards and honours and social protocols. It also collaborates with the University Administration bodies to formulate and implement Internationalisation Strategies, reviews, communicates, proposes and organises international relations, and oversees and coordinates partnerships with universities and research institutions abroad.

It handles the Rector and Vice Rectors’ personal correspondence, organises meetings, visits and contacts, and any other relevant processes and functions. It also engages in public relations and social protocol issues.

It provides administrative and secretarial support to the Senate and the Rector’s Council. In particular, it prepares, sanctions and communicates the agenda to members of collective bodies, issues Senate’s decisions or extracts of minutes, and manages minutes and record filing of all University functions.

The Office staff are appointed by the Rector.

They are either judicial or extrajudicial services for all University legal cases, and provides in-house legal advice and opinions to UoWM’s Authorities and Services, in accordance with the current legislation and with a view to defending the legal interests of the University.

The service also handles the University mail, keeps minutes and records, proceedings and fully updated files for legal cases.

It is the central coordinating unit of the University quality assurance and evaluation processes. Its objectives include drawing up a systematic and detailed record and promotion of the work

The Library & Publications service ensures that the relevant support material for the University educational or other processes are properly selected, collected, disseminated and effectively controlled and managed. It also provides for compiling and offering bibliographic information, investigating and supporting University needs, and supplies updated information on Library science and information systems, in compliance with national and international standards.

UoWM’s Erasmus Office basically runs the European Erasmus+ programme and, more specifically, student and staff mobility to and from Higher Education Institutions and Host Institutions abroad. The major objective of the Office is to effectively contribute to the University internationalisation, and promote intercultural understanding and extroversion.

It runs the model farm of the School of Agriculture (approx. 2,000m2), where crop and animal production tests are carried out.