The Office aims to promote University teaching processes by means of various actions aimed at enhancing learning, innovation and teaching processes at UoWM, both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Office focuses on:

  • supporting and providing information to the teaching staff on innovative educational practices and engaging students in various activities, including seminars, making use of the existing University infrastructure and staff
  • supporting, training and providing information to the teaching staff about ICT applications in teaching using the University infrastructure and facilities, and encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation
  • creating frameworks for the collection and distribution of educational material
  • enabling communication among teaching staff members and organising meetings for exchanging views on best practices or potential teaching problems
  • establishing partnerships with other educational or professional bodies in Greece or abroad in areas of mutual interest.

The Teaching and Learning Support Office may undertake and / or participate in additional educational activities, such as:

  • organising learning activities and actions in collaboration with other scientific, professional, research or educational institutions in Greece or abroad on the conclusion of a relevant cooperation protocol
  • delivering services to enhance teaching and learning processes, such as writing research papers, innovative educational material development, relevant research projects
  • organising conferences and scientific activities.

The Teaching and Learning Support Office is supervised by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare and submits an Action Plan and Report to the Rector’s Council and QAU.