One of the major goals of the University of Western Macedonia is the generation of new knowledge through the promotion of scientific research. UOWM’s research activity, as it is supported by the people (postgraduate and undergraduate fellows, postdoctoral researchers etc.) and the appropriate infrastructure (laboratories, instruments, computers, experimental equipment etc.) constitutes the most significant factor for the upgrading of the level of Teaching and Education.

Research programmes are conducted by the Institution either with its own resources or funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) and other Public Entities or by the European Union or financed by private entities (businesses) of our country or other countries, under certain academic conditions. Within the framework of the programmes, bilateral or multilateral transnational agreements are achieved with universities, research centres and other entities, in the national and European region as well as in third countries. The research committee is a collective elective body of the university, assigned by the law with the management-administration of the “Special Account”, which operates to circulate and manage research, technological and educational programmes, as well as other services offered by the institution’s members. The Special Account operates at the University of Western Macedonia in accordance with the 679/1996 Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, as applies each time. The regular audit of the Account’s management and the balance sheet is conducted every year by certified auditors appointed by the Senate after the Committee’s suggestion, from a list of ten certified auditors, compiled by the administrative council of the Body of Certified Auditors.

The monitoring of expenditure is conducted against the original documentation, i.e. the invoices and receipts of suppliers or services rendered invoices, which are kept by the administrative office separately for each expenditure and each project.