Accredited Laboratories

The University of Western Macedonia runs accredited research and educational Laboratories to support research and teaching processes through research proposals and research assignment and implementation. The Laboratories belong either to specific Departments or Schools:

School of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering and Electronic Health Lab
  • Intelligent Systems & Optimisation
  • Applied and Computational Electromagnetics
  • Telecommunication Networks and Advanced Services (TELNAS)
  • Internet of Things and Applications
  • Robotics, Embedded and Integrated Systems

Mineral Resources Engineering

  • Air Pollution and Environmental Physics (Airlab)

Product and Systems Design Engineering

  • Computational Design and Digital Fabrication (CODE + Lab)
  • Computer-Applied-Design Lab (CAD)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Biomaterials and Computational Engineering
  • Machining and Quality Control
  • Oscillations and Machine Dynamics (Laboratory of Vibrations and Machine Dynamics)
  • Renewable & Alternative Forms of Energy & Rational Energy Use
  • Energy Systems Engineering and Anti-Pollution Technologies
  • Laboratory of Mechanical Systems (LMS)
  • Laboratory of Quantitative Methods in Statistics and Business Research (MORSELAB)

Chemical Engineering

  • Alternative Fuels and Environmental Catalysis (L.A.F.E.C.)
  • Environmental Pollution Technology (EPT)
  • Environmental Pollution Chemistry and Water and Liquid Waste Treatment (EPC-EYA)

Interdisciplinary (Mechanical Engineering & Chemical Engineering)

  • Air and Waste Management Laboratory – AWMA Lab (New, pending)

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Communication and Digital Media

  • Digital Media and Strategic Communication

Early School Education

  • Language Study and Language Teaching Programmes
  • Children and adolescents with special educational needs and / or disabilities: investigation, evaluation, intervention

Primary Education

  • Local History

School Laboratories

  • Pedagogical Studies and Innovative Educational Practices – PeStInEP
  • Nature and Life Mathematics – MathsLife
  • Science and Sustainability Education – S.S.E.
  • Visual Arts Laboratory – VAL
  • Creativity, Innovation and Technology in Education – CrInTE
  • Social and Migration Studies
  • Education on Books: “Bibliologeion”

School of Economics

Regional and Cross-Border Development

  • Sustainable Development of Rural Areas (L.S.D.R.A.)
  • Management of Technology Research Lab – MATER

Management Science and Technology

  • Communication in Management and Technology

Accounting and Finance

  • Economic and Social Studies and Research
  • Banking and Finance

International and European Economic Studies

  • European Business and Economic Law and Taxation, Accounting and Auditing Applications


  • Applied Finance

School of Science


  • Telecommunications, Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Microprocessors – Microcontrollers, Electronic Systems, Automatic Control and Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Data and Signal Processing applications