The University of Western Macedonia runs Schools and Departments in five cities in Western Macedonia (Kozani, Florina, Kastoria, Grevena, Ptolemaida). The main campus is located in Kila, Kozani, and accommodates the University Administration authorities, department administration offices, the School of Economics, 2 of the 5 departments of the School of Engineering, the library, the Hall of Residence, a student restaurant (there is a second restaurant in the city centre), and the university gym.

  • Three Departments of the School of Engineering (Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chemical Engineering) are located off-campus, in separate buildings in Kozani, and two on campus (Department of Mineral Resources Engineering and Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering). The Department of Mechanical Engineering is housed in two buildings, one with the department administration service, lecture rooms (also shared for Chemical Engineering courses), teaching staff offices (Bakola & Sialvera street), and a second with laboratories and engineering machine shops (13, Argyrokastrou street).

The Departments of Mineral Resources Engineering, and Product and Systems Design Engineering are located on the main campus in Kila, Kozani.

All Departments cater for cutting-edge training and research in state-of-the-art laboratories. The School of Engineering is going to be soon relocated to a new campus on the outskirts of Kozani.

  • The School of Economics runs 7 Departments, of which 4 (Accounting and Finance, International and European Economic Studies, Regional and Cross-border Development Studies and Management Science and Technology) run courses in Kozani. The Departments of Business Administration, and Statistics & Actuarial Science, and the Department of Economics run courses in Grevena, and Kastoria, respectively.
  • The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is located in Florina (3rd km Florina-Niki) and Kastoria. The School runs 4 Departments in Florina (Primary Education, Early Childhood Education and Psychology), and one in Kastoria (Communication & Digital Media), where there is also a student restaurant and library.
  • The School of Agriculture is located on the University farm in Florina, where there are the administration services building, the main building, the hall of Residence and student restaurant, the library and sports facilities.
  • The School of Fine Arts is located in Florina (3rd km Florina-Niki), and in the village Psarades, Prespes, where there are laboratories and exhibition areas. The School is going to be re-located in a new campus building in Florina.
  • The School of Science runs courses in Kastoria (Fourka) in 2 Departments, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Informatics.
  • The School of Health Sciences is located in Ptolemaida, and runs 2 courses in the Department of Midwifery and the Department of Occupational Therapy.

The University of Western Macedonia offers free meals to students in all cities. There are 2 student restaurants in Kozani (on campus and at 20 Constantinople Street), 2 in Florina (in the buildings of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Agriculture), in Ptolemaida, and on campus in Kastoria and Grevena.

Free accommodation is offered in the Halls of Residence in Kozani (campus), Grevena and Florina.

Progress of the new University Campus in the Active Urban Planning Zone, in the city of Kozani