Academic, social, cultural and environmental society of Western Macedonia

The Academic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Society of the University of Western Macedonia, named “Epicurus”, aims at (see Annex):

  • endorsing the cultural, intellectual, social and environmental development of Western Macedonia
  • promoting the social, economic, cultural and intellectual status both of its members and local population
  • fostering social solidarity, cooperation, unity and strengthening relations between its members and local population
  • ensuring and taking initiatives to improve hygiene, the natural environment and ecosystems, as well as raising members and local population’s awareness of environmental issues, such as environmental protection and conservation.

The Society submits an Action Plan and Report to the Department of Public and International Relations, the Rector’s Council and QAU.

UoWM Alumni

UoWM alumni community aims at:

  • monitoring graduates’ careers
  • connecting graduates with the alumni community and strengthening relations with the University
  • creating bonds between graduates and companies as well as professional bodies
  • providing scientific, professional and social support to graduates (e.g. opportunities for lifelong learning programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences, postgraduate courses, etc.)
  • facilitating graduates’ access to the labour market

The Association submits an Action Plan and Report to the Study, Careers & Placement Service, to the Rector’s Council and QAU.