Student life is a landmark in a one’s life, a period marking one’s memory with the most vivid colours. To choose the best and most suitable University for you is a most important decision for a number of reasons.

Why choose the University of Western Macedonia?

First, because it offers you high quality of education and research prospects and high standards of administrative support. You will study in a University with excellent buildings and facilities and state-of the art equipment. A new campus and new buildings will soon host the School of Engineering in Kozani and the School of Fine Arts in Florina, which will add to the quality education and research standards.

Also, remember, all five cities where University units are located are crime-free cities, which makes them safe for students and their families.

What’s more, Western Macedonia is a region with vibrant cultural activity and a long folklore and ethnographic culture, which will give new students the opportunity to develop their own skills, both on and off campus. The large number of student groups and clubs cover a wide range of interests with discipline-related activities and various Art and Sport events. Among the number of cultural events taking place throughout the year in all UoWM cities is the Carnival in Kozani, Ragoutsaria in Kastoria, Prespia in Agios Achillios in Prespa, the bonfires and the Cinema Festival in Florina, and many other interesting events.

Besides, the University of Western Macedonia is located in an area, where road distances are minimised, as transport is possible along Egnatia Motorway and the Ionian Road. There are also frequent flights from Kozani to Athens, and a regular bus service in all University cities, which links them with the largest Greek cities.

Another thing to remember is the natural beauty of Western Macedonia and the very interesting places to visit. Western Macedonia is the perfect place for winter tourism with several winter and ski resorts and destinations, but also for alternative tourism, as the area is famous for flora biodiversity and the large number of rivers and lakes.

Finally, a great reason to study here is the opportunity you have for closer personal contact with the teaching staff, and the easy and more positive relationship between teachers and students, which adds to student motivation and involvement in learning.

And, of course, we promise: You will have a great time here! After all, student life means fun, and life in the University of Western Macedonia offers lots of it!