Visual Arts e-Pandemic


Towards a creative diffusion of the arts

Virtual Exhibition in the frame of the International Museum Day 2020 #IMD2020
“Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion” on Monday 18th May 2020

The Department of Visual & Applied Arts of The University of Western Macedonia in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Florina organise a virtual exhibition entitled Virtual Arts e-Pandemic: Towards a creative diffusion of the arts in the frame of the International Museum Day 2020: “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”.

The Exhibition Co-ordinators from the Department of Visual & Applied Arts are the President of the Department and Associate Professor Giannis Ziogas and Angeliki Avgitidou, Assistant Professor at the Department. The exhibition showcases original art and poster design by students of the Department of Visual & Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia. The initiative was taken up after the proposal of Dr Anastasia Zoi Souliotou, Adjunct Professor and Academic Fellow at the Department of Visual & Applied Arts who is also curating the exhibition. The Exhibition Co-ordinator for the Archaeological Museum of Florina is Dr Elpiniki Naoum.

Students created posters using various media and techniques –painting, drawing and otherwise– and send out their own message of creativity and active response to the special conditions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Students’ posters praise the effort of people who work in the Health sector, comment on the transition from live to online education, present citizens’ everyday lives through visual arts and suggest the creative exploitation of the current circumstances for the protection of the health for all.

STAY ART HOME | We break our silence with our painting brushes [in greek] | COVID-19: Beat it with art [in greek] | NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES. SOMETIMES THEY WEAR MASKS AND GLOVES are some of the messages, in the form of slogans, written by the students who invite participants to follow them in their creative trip in Greece and worldwide.

Participating students of the School of Fine Arts:

Georgia-Rafailia Anastasopoulou & Konstantinos Ziridis, Marios Antoniadis, Athanasios Argyriadis, Maria Belli, Alexandra Bibiri, Alexandra Boula, Serena Bylykbashi, Eriksela Dema, Eugenia Gagastathi, Saronis Gkatsou, Maria-Eleni Gerasimatou, Athanasia Gorgoli, Konstantina Grigoriadou, Victoria Grigoriadou, Michalis Damalas, Sevasti Intze, Anastasia Kaltsi, Zacharo Karakonstanti, Christos Karnezis, Ferit Kasari, Eleftherios Kiousis, Konstantinos Koumlis, Maria Kossini, Georgia Kyratsouli, Aikaterini Melissaropoulou, Mariam Nioradze, Stavros Oikonomakos, Angelina Papadimitriou, Savvas Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Papakosmas, Dimitra Patsiou, Thomas Pavlidis, Vlasis Pentefountas, Nikolaos Petis, Alexandra Sampali, Dorothea Siafla, Sotiria Sotiriou, Christina Stathopoulou, Nikoleta Stathopoulou, Eleni Strikou, Kyriaki Theodoulidou, Sotiria-Arsinoi Tsorbari, Stella-Iliana Vlachava, Zana Vossou, Nerantza Zografou, Ioanna Zolota

Virtual Opening

Sunday 24th May 2020 at 7:00pm

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Children are given the opportunity to participate in the online exhibition Each school can send their posters at by 31st May 2020.

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