The University of Western Macedonia becomes a Green University


A major strategic goal for the University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) is to become the first “Zero Emission University” in Greece. Considering the adverse conditions in the Region of Western Macedonia and following guidelines and directives, UoWM has been involved in a series of relevant actions.

Among these, “Upgrading Energy Efficiency on the University of Western Macedonia campus in Kila, Kozani“, a project undertaken by a research team under the supervision of Dimitris Stimoniaris, Assistant Professor, was approved for funding. The project – the budget of which is estimated at 3.5 million Euros – will be carried out in the context of the Priority Axis “Implementation of low-carbon policies in urban areas”, of the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development”, and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It involves upgrading energy efficiency of the UoWM Administration building on the campus in Kila, Kozani, and the installation and operation of a thermal energy production and heat distribution system using biomass and district heating networks; it also requires the use of an electric vehicle for transport needs.

The project is a follow-up of a similar project (1,5 million Euros), involving the installation of energy upgrade systems in the main building on the University Campus in Kila, bound to start soon. Upgrading all UoWM buildings in Western Macedonia to nearly zero-energy buildings remains an ultimate goal for the University.

The importance of the specific projects is vital for achieving energy autonomy and transforming the University into a Green University. It is a major objective of the UoWM Strategic Planning and highlights the great potential of the University.

University of Western Macedonia
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