Participation of UOWM in the celebration of the International Greek Language Day in the General Consulate of Greece in Bitola


Professor Eleni Griva, Vice Rector for International Relations, Global Engagement and Student Affairs of the University of Western Macedonia and Ms Christina Petaloti, Head of the Public and International Relations Department of the University of Western Macedonia, were invited to attend an event titled “The Greek language beyond the borders of Greece: its contribution and perspectives”, organized by the General Consulate of Greece in Bitola of North Macedonia and the “Pelagonia Association for Friendship and Cooperation with Greece” to celebrate International Greek Language Day.

Prof. Griva, as the keynote speaker, talked about the dynamics of the Greek language, its prospects and the challenges it faces in the global environment. Mr. Alexandros Vidouris, the Consul General of Greece in Bitola, praised Prof. Griva’s valuable work, over the years, on the teaching of Greek as a foreign/second language and Mr. Evgeni Ristevski, President of the Pelagonia Association, presented her with an honorary plaque.

Particularly significant was the announcement of the General Consul that Pelagonia’s department of Greek language teaching is now recognized by the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports as a Department of Greek Language. This recognition is the result of the coordinated actions of the General Consul with Mr. Ristevski and Mr. Velianov, Head of Teaching and Certification of Greek Language of the Pelagonia Association.

The event was concluded with the presentation of an honorary plaque to Ms. Christina Petaloti, as a recognition of the support of the University of Western Macedonia in the joint actions implemented in cooperation with the Pelagonia Association.

University of Western Macedonia
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