Meeting event and training activities highlights


3rd Plenary meeting

From 31st of January to 1st of February 2023, the 3rd Plenary meeting of the SmartRoot project ( ) took place at Ultuna Campus of Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU) at Uppsala, Sweden. Dr. Matina Bibi from University of Western Macedonia led the meeting in cooperation with the team of experts from SLU, who were the hosts and organizers. The meeting was addressed to the project partners who discussed the accomplished tasks and the next steps towards the completion of the project. Consequently, presentations were conducted by all partners regarding the progress of the tools and outputs, followed by a discussion between the partners for feedback and comments.

Training activity: Joint staff evaluation on IT Tools

From 1st to 3rd of February the Training activity for the evaluation of the SmartRoot IT tools took place at Ultuna Campus of Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU) at Uppsala, Sweden. Each output leader presented a live demonstration of the functionality and capabilities of the developed tools (Virtual Farm Hub- INFALIA, MFS Educational Management Platform- AGRIVI and Augment Reality Learning Environment- IHU), by executing a scenario based on cases derived from real life needs.  All partners were trained on the three tools, made pilots on experimental data and provided feedback. Overall, the training event left the participants impressed and satisfied by the quality and progress of the tools, giving them confidence for the success of the end result.

Study visit to The Swedish Livestock Research Centre Lövsta

On the 2nd of February, the partners visited the facilities of a farm that belongs to SLU, where research is conducted on cows. The visitors had the opportunity to observe the modern technologies used for breeding cows and monitoring their behavior, dietary habits, and movement for extracting useful data and information, aiming to solve common issues and avoid diseases that occur during the cows lifetime.

University of Western Macedonia
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