The Senate

Based on Law 4485/2017, the Senate draws up the University strategy, develops and specifies the relevant actions required for the growth of the University at a local, national, European and international level. It also takes up responsibilities not assigned by law specifically to other bodies of the University, and assumes duties based on UoWM Organisation and the Internal Regulations.

More specifically, the Senate:

  • determines the individual directions for the UoWM academic strategy and development, on the basis of which the Rector’s Council draws up draft programme planning agreements,
  • oversees UoWM operation,
  • sanctions UoWM annual regular financial budget and the public investment programme with the relevant amendments, as well as the annual review of financial reports, upon the recommendation of the Rector’s Council,
  • approves of the annual review of UoWM activities and its overall operation,
  • draws up UoWM’s educational and research policies in compliance with quality assurance and upgrading, and establishes the University Quality Assurance Unit (QAU),
  • sanctions all Curricula content.

The Senate is composed of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, School Deans, Heads of Departments, students’ representatives, representatives of the Special Teaching staff, Special Laboratory Teaching staff and Special Laboratory Technical staff and one representative of the administrative staff.

The Rector’s Council

The Rector’s Council:

  • submits proposals to the Senate about uoWM’s strategy as regards the progress of the University at a local, national, European and international scale, and builds up its distinctive status and profile in the context of its mission,
  • prepares draft programme planning agreements, according to which the Senate determines the relevant directions for the University progress,
  • prepares and reviews the annual regular financial budget and UoWM’s public investment programme budget, as well as the final financial report, submits them to the Senate for approval and supervises the implementation of the relevant decisions. The budgets allocate funds for the educational, research and other activities of the University, thus, applying the respective programme agreement,
  • makes recommendations about the University Organisation and Internal Regulations planning to the Rector, to be submitted for approval to the Senate,
  • proposes to the Senate about relevant committees to examine or handle issues that fall under their remit,
  • is responsible for observing statutory, Organisation and Internal Regulation obligations,
  • oversees the organisation of the University administration services and allocates administrative staff,
  • submits proposals to the Senate about academic staff allocation and reallocation in Departments,
  • exercises specific duties assigned by the Senate, for a specific time, and after a justified decision,

Additionally, the Rector’s Council is assigned tasks based on the University Organisation and Internal Regulations.

The Rector’s Council is composed of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, one student representative, who comes from and is nominated by the co-opted student members of the Senate, as well as one administration staff representative, also member of the Senate.


The Rector is a UoWM full professor elected for a four-year term, as set out in the call.


The Vice-Rectors are UoWM full or associate professors elected for a four-year term. At UoWM, the four Vice-Rectors are elected for:

  • Academic Affairs and Student Welfare
  • Research and Lifelong Learning
  • Finance, Planning and Development
  • Administrative Affairs