I.A.E.S.T.E LC Kozanis

Welcome you to our website!

Hope u will find some useful information regarding your arrival in Kozani and your lodging.

Before your arrival in Greece there are a few thing to consider:

  • VISA: Ask the closest greek empassy if you need a Visa to come to Greece! Both passport and Visa should be valid for the whole period of your stay in Greece. It is a bad idea to take a Visa for a shorter period and try to expand it while you are in Greece. Many have failed to do that and had to leave the country!
  • Insurance: The National Committee of your country has probably taken care of this. Please note that no employer will accept you without being sure that you are properly insured.
  • Also bring with you;
  • All IAESTE related documents to help us with the paper work. Enough money to pay in advance one month's rent for your accommodation and to cover your living expenses till you get paid your first salary. Your International Student Identity Card (ISIC), if there is any. At least one passport size photo of you so that we can make you a student card. A swimming suit, and all related "gear", such as hat, sun-glasses, sun-block, flippers, snorkels, e.t.c. Sleeping bag (maybe even a tent) and a pair of sport shoes for the excursions. Your personal 'slipping kit' (bed and pillow covers!, blankets etc.).


    The climate in Kozani is colder than the rest of Greece so bring some longsleeves and a light jacket. Probably you won't be needing them, but you have to be better safe than sorry!
  • When you arrive in Kozani, someone of us will be waiting for you, providing that you have filled and sent us the acceptance note with all the necessary information (when and where you arrive). But just to be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to contact us by one week before your arrival. If you want a pickup at the airport or train station in Thessaloniki or Athens you also have to inform them for your arrival. The student that will pick you up will be your contact for as long as you stay in Kozani. Your contact will arange your lodging, your first day at work and will inform you about everything you need to know in order to make your stay in Kozani unforgetable!

How to get to Kozani?????

There are many ways for someone to come to Kozani depending on his/her arrival in Greece!

  • Arrival in Athens (El. Venizelos Airport):

First choice: You have to take the bus X93 from outside the airport all the way to Kifissos bus station and then the bus (KTEL) to Kozani. The timetable for the Ktel you can find it here. Because it is in Greek you have to check the table that says ΑΘΗΝΑ-ΚΟΖΑΝΗ and it looks like this:

ΑΘΗΝΑ - ΚΟΖΑΝΗ 07:45 12:15 15:15 21:00

It is a 7 hour trip so be prepared!

Second choice: You have to take the bus Π1 from outside the airport all the way to Stathmos Larisis (train station). Details on the routes you can find here (in English). You then have to take the train to Plati Imathias and another train to Kozani! Its cheaper but it takes much more time to get here! We believe that the first choice is the best!

Third choice: You can take directly a plane to Kozani. There are two routes per week to Kozani.

  • Wednesday 08:45
  • Sunday 12:00

You can find info about the airport here or you can book a flight from here.

  • Arrival in Thessaloniki:

First choice (arrival at Macedonia Airport): You have to take the bus 78 from outside the airport all the way to Macedonia bus station and then the bus (KTEL) to Kozani. You can also stop before Macedonia Bus station to N.S. Railway station and take a train to Amintaio and then another train to Kozani. The timetable for the Ktel you can find it here. Because it is in Greek you have to check the table that says ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ-ΚΟΖΑΝΗ. The bus needs 1,5 hrs to come to Kozani and the train about 4 hrs!

Second choice (arrival at Thessaloniki train station): You can take directly the train as mentioned before or you can take the bus 1 to Macedonia Bus station and take a KTEL to Kozani.


After the first trainees arrive, the summer program of L.C. Kozani begins! The summer program includes weekly meetings and trips during the weekends (with the help of L.C.Thessalonikis) plus some extra events, such as parties!